Diocesan Secretariat

Diocesan Secretary: Rev. Fr. David Ochieng' Obuya

Ordained priest on May 31, 2014


The Diocesan Secretariat is an arm within the office of the Bishop, responsible for co-ordination and supervision of all diocesan activities (the pastoral and development [CARITAS Homa Bay] wings).

Diocesan Offices

  1. Diocesan Secretariat
  2. Office of the Vicar General
  3. Diocesan Procurator
  4. Vocations’ Office
  5. Pastoral Office
  6. Education's Office
  7. Caritas Homa bay

 The diocesan offices are established for the running and co-ordination of diocesan activities.

Contact Us

The Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay
P.O. Box 326, 40300
Homa Bay, Kenya
Mobile: +254 721 375547
Email: info@cdohb.or.ke

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Mission Statement

A Catholic community growing together in Faith, Hope and Charity