Diocesan Communications Department

Coordinator: Rev. Fr. Raymond Oloo

Ordained Priest on February 25, 2016


We Coordinate the diocesan communication wing. 

We make use of the technological age and the growing Social Media space to front the message of the Gospel. 

The pastors of the Church, using a right proper to the Church in fulfilling their function, are to endeavour to make use of the instruments of social communication.” (Canon 822.1)

We make use of the technological age and the growing Social Media space to front the message of the Gospel in the twenty-first century Church and world. 

Heeding the call of Jesus Christ to "Go out and make disciples of all nations," we aim to promote clear, accurate information, positive messages, the mission of the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay, and the pressing questions of our time.

We have a twofold purpose: Internal and External communications

Our goal is to provide and facilitate wide a range of communication services to the diocese:

  1. Campaigns promoting the gospel.
  2. Development and maintanance of Diocesan Website and associated sites.
  3. Bridge design & layout of Diocesan publications.
  4. Communicate diocesan events and activities.
  5. Build diocesan community through awareness.
  6. Expose Diocesan faith stories.
  7. Faith formation and catechesis.
  8. Archive diocesan event audio visuals and photos.
  9. Information service for the press and broadcast media.
  10. Crisis management, Support and advice clergy and Diocesan departments on matters of press interest.

Media Support

The Communications office is available to Diocesan offices, lay workers and clergy to advise and offer support at such times.

Occasions and event provokes considerable media interest; newspaper, radio and television journalists, presenting opportunity for showing Christian ministry at work. 


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Contact Us

The Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay
P.O. Box 326, 40300
Homa Bay, Kenya
Mobile: +254 721 375547
Email: info@cdohb.or.ke

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